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The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust


If you would like to support The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust by making a single donation please complete and return this donation form, using the single donation section or use the DONATE button, which takes you to the online Charity Checkout (is a charity payment solution that enables small and medium sized charities to accept donations online).

Note: For a single donation, when asked "How often do you want to give?", use the downarrow to select 'One-off'. 

Completion of this form for regular contributions enables to you to gain the full benefits of membership of The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust - please see the membership page.

B17 SLT 2023 Grand Prize Draw - Raffle Draw results

The winners of the 2023 Grand Prize Draw held at Quorn station on the Great Central Railway on Saturday 18th November are:

1st prize £250 - Frank Ffitch, West Sussex. Ticket no 2174
2nd prize £150 - Derek Dorling, Suffolk. Ticket no 4462
3rd prize £100 - Becki Stevens, Cambs. Ticket No 0814

1st Special Prize - Greater Anglia Day Return Tickets - Winner has asked to remain unnamed

2nd Special Prize - Footplate Ride on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway  Robert Forster, Cambs. Ticket no 0424

Congratulations to the winners!

2023 Raffle Draw

The winning tickets were drawn by Richard Patching, Chairman of the GCR. 

Our draw followed on from the GCR's 50th anniversary draw for which there were 50 prizes! 




Let's Put a Face On 61673

With the Spring in Our Step appeal now fully funded, it is the right time to look above the footplate.

Often seen as the 'face' of a loco, the installation helps make it 'look right'.


Smokebox Appeal

Part 1 - The Smokebox (£32,500) is complete but Phase 2 for the Smokebox Door for £20,00 stands at £10,504.

Put A Spring In Our Step  - This Appeal has just been closed having successfully reached its target of £31,440.

Springs Appeal 3 

This fund aimed to raise the funds necessary to have the main locomotive driving wheel springs fabricated – the likely cost of each spring assembly being estimated at £5,240, so with six springs needed simple arithmetic tells you we aimed to raise at least £31,440 to have them all made. This target was reached at the end of January 2023.

Boiler Deposit Fund

Started in late 2021, this fund has a target of £70,000. This is the amount needed to place a 10% deposit with our selected boiler manufacturer, who requires a deposit so that we can be placed on the waiting list for boiler manufacture. As of October 2023, the fund had reached £28633.

If you can make a contribution to the Fund, please send your donation made out to The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust, c/o 171 Clifton Road, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5AG marking the envelope for 'Boiler Deposit Fund'.

Alternatively, contribute by direct bank transfer to B17 SLT, Account Number: 53357821, Sort Code: 20-41-12, reference Boiler Deposit.

B17 SLT Nuts and Bolts Appeal

This appeal was launched in the Spring 2020 newsletter, asking everyone to save their small change in a convenient container in order to help pay for the nuts and bolts and small fixings needed in constructing 61673 ‘Spirit of Sandringham’. We hope that everyone could participate in this Appeal, as we need a lot of small fixings in the construction process and many have to be individually made.

Members will know that we have already received donations to the Appeal and we will keep you in touch with the total raised in the newsletters and on the website.