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The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust

Welcome to the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust

Patron: Sir Rod Stewart CBE 

The 2024 Open Day is on April 13th at CTL Seal Ltd.

Primed chassis wheel 220422

All six Driving Wheels are complete - here's the first wheel, cast on 19th January 2022 in front of our chassis at our home base - Sheffield based engineering company CTL Seal Limited. 

Construction Progress showing the latest CAD designs for the Bogie and the Smokebox.

Sheffield Students (RCAS) in the IMechE Railway Challenge - Report

David Elliott – Rest In Peace

It is with a great sense of sadness that we share the news of the death of David Elliott on Wednesday 20th December 2023, following his long battle with cancer during the last three years. On behalf of all B17 Members and Friends, I offer our sincere condolences to his wife Dominique and family for their loss.

David Elliott is well renowned for his engineering achievements and the driving force together with members of The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, in the design and creation of the first brand new Steam Locomotive Class A1 No. 60163 'Tornado' to enter service on the mainline during 2008. David continued to similarly create LNER Class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales, now progressing towards completion in Darlington.

My discussions about a new build LNER Class B17 with David Elliot began during 2010, to assess the opportunity and viability of updating the original 1928 design to that of the late 1940s, being similar to Class A1s, now epitomised by Tornado. David’s initial design work proved the engineering viability and thereafter the B17 project was born. Progress with Engineering Design and Manufacture for the B17 project has been continually supported by David and also with help by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust during the years that followed up to the present time, with certain ideas and concepts for the future.

The Members and Friends of The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust will always be eternally grateful for David Elliot’s interest and professional advice and work for the B17 Project. The B17 Management Team wish to place on record their heartfelt thanks for David’s valuable contribution to the B17 project and an inspiration to work to an in service date for Spirit of Sandringham.

Brian Hall (Chairman) 


The Continuing Rolling Chassis Build Story

The Hornblocks, Cannon Axleboxes and Coupled Axleboxes have all been cast by William Cook Cast Products and delivered to CTL Seal's premises for machining and fitting.

Orders in 2023

  • Wheel pattern for 12 spoke Bogie Wheels from William Cook - displayed at 2023 Open Day.
  • Bogie Wheel axles (2) ordered from Railway Wheelset & Brake Ltd.
  • Order placed for the manufacture of Spring Links, Pins and Bushes for all 6 Coupled wheels with Daniella Works Ltd.

Orders in 2024

  • Order placed for the machining of the leading wheel coupled axleboxes with Daniella Works Ltd.
  • Smokebox CAD and manufacturing drawings complete - orders for Smokebox components now being placed.
  • Bogie chassis CAD designs well advanced and submitted for initial Railway Regulation approval.
  • Smokebox wrapper (cylinder) and Liner ordered from Barnshaws Plate Bending Ltd.


Cannon Box Assembly & Coupled Axlebox Assembly Sponsorship Opportunities

Let's Put a Face on 61673 - Smokebox Appeal

Building on work with the University of Sheffield on the blast pipe, we have now launched our Smokebox Appeal.


The 'Nuts and Bolts' Appeal and the Boiler Deposit Appeal in Donating.

Volunteer Coordinator - Jeff Jackson. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07749 317373.

 60 years without a B17 - the last ones were scrapped in 1960. Help us ensure that we can recreate this wonder within the next 10 years.

Currently LNER class B12 and B1 locomotives are operational in preservation, but none of the B17s survived the cutter's torch. The B17 is the missing link between the two and is the only 4-6-0 locomotive designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.

Help fulfill the project aim to construct a new B17, to recreate again those exhilarating sights and sounds of a ‘Sandringham’ hard at work on the mainline at the head of its train and re-introduce something of our past heritage, for greater public benefit in years to come.

Some photos are courtesy of the Eastern Daily Press Archives.